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Updated: 2019-10-16

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Germany Kleve 2018

Home - Traveling through Thailand - Germany Kleve 2018

Coordinates: 51°47'12.21"N 6°07'46.34"E.

We go to Germany regularly, two or three times a year to do some shopping there. We then buy meat products such as zwiebelmettwurst, hackepeter and liver sausage. But also eisbein and various types of grill and bratwurst.
And if we are there anyway, we try to look around in the place where we are.

Today we went to Kleve, we go there more often because it is close, an hour's drive.
Today it went wrong, the A12 was closed just over the border, and we were diverted through villages, all over narrow two-lane roads. It took us almost two hours.

First we went to Edeka in the Ludwig-Jahn-Straße. This store looks good, and they have a wide choice.
After that we went to Kaufland Kleve in the Flutstraße; a five minutes drive. This store is less beautiful, more messy, but also much cheaper. We mainly bought toiletries.

You get hungry from all that shopping. There are restaurants in both stores, but we opted for a sandwich with bratwurst, at a stall on the parking lot of Kaufland.

On to the center of Kleve. You can park for free on the Marktplatz, less than ten minutes away. From there you walk via the Hagsche Straße to the city center and to the Große Straße.
It was fresh, bleak weather, and that was a bit disappointing. On a previous visit it was warm and sunny, and that was much more enjoyable.
We went to see the Schwaneburg, but there was not much to see.

We drove back to the Netherlands, in the car it was warmer.
And better next time.

Link: Edeka.
Link: Kaufland Kleve.

Written on: 2018-10-30


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