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Updated: 2021-03-23

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Germany, Saarbrucken 2020

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This year, due to the Corona virus and all the measures surrounding it, it is difficult to go to the countries we actually want to go, Portugal, Spain, Croatia. France is also becoming increasingly difficult.
We decide to go to Germany for just a few days, acquaintances have also recently been there and, they say, it is fairly relaxed. First we think of Saarburg, but we have already been there, it eventually becomes Saarbr├╝cken because TUI offers hotels in the city instead of in small villages or in nature. We book with TUI, departure on September 23, for three nights.

Two days before departure we hear that Germany sees the provinces of North and South Holland as an orange area and that you must be quarantined for two weeks if you come from these provinces. Although we come from Gelderland, we doubt whether we will go.
Eventually we travel on September 23.

Link Saarbr├╝cken.
Link TUI.

down  Wednesday, September 23, 2020
down  Thursday, September 24, 2020
down  Friday, September 25, 2020
down  Saturday, September 26, 2020
down  Slept at Best Western Victor

Written on: 2020-09-24


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