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Updated: 2019-12-03

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Home - Journeys - Italy Sicily 2018 - Saturday, April 14, 2018

La Rocca.

La Rocca.



Hats and caps.

Hats and caps.

Eating along the coast.

Eating along the coast.

We slept reasonably at Palazzo Roha in Cefalù. When we go for breakfast it appears that we are the only guests in the hotel. The breakfast also tastes great.

We plan to climb La Rocca di Cefalù today and view the temples on top of the rock.
When we come outside we see a dark cloud hanging over the sea. We walk to the path that leads to the top of La Rocca, and after some searching we find the entrance. The dark cloud has since grown into a thundercloud, and that is why we are not allowed to climb the Rocca, it's too dangerous.

We then walk through Cefalù, view shops and look for some souvenirs. A souvenir shop is a bit like it, but the owner is completely crazy about tarantella, traditional Sicilian music, and that music sounds very annoying to us. We buy some souvenirs there anyway.
Tom sees nice caps at a shop on a square in front of a church. Tom fits a few and the owner appears to have lived in the Netherlands for years. Tom buys a nice checkered cap.

Because we get hungry we look for a place to eat; we choose Il Covo Del Pirata with a terrace along the rocky coastline.
The food is reasonable, but the service is very amicable.

After dinner we walk along the beach and on the way back we arrive at a procession, which does not seem to get going very well. It appears that a new pastor (or bishop or ...) has been appointed in one of the churches.

In the evening we eat again at Ristorante La Brace Cefalù.

Link: Palazzo Raho.
Link: Ristorante La Brace Cefalù.

Written on: 2019-11-25


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