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Updated: 2019-12-05

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Home - Journeys - Italy Sicily 2018 - Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Bridge over deep valley.

Bridge over deep valley.

The shopping street.

The shopping street.

View over the lower city.

View over the lower city.

We slept well in the Iblareort in Ragusa Ibla.
The breakfast is in another building, on the top floor with a roof terrace, and that breakfast tastes great.

We ask at the hotel how we can get to the center of Ragusa, and that is with the bus, which stops near the hotel. The center is a lot higher, on top of a mountain.
We get on the bus, and we don't know how to pay, so without paying we go a long way up the mountain. We get off at the end point, and we do not know where to go. We walk around a bit and after a while we see a travel agency, and with some effort we get a map of Ragusa.
Even with that map we don't get where we want to go, and we ask a passer-by the way. He proposes to walk with him, because he also has to go that way, it appears to be an Albanian. At a station, this man has to go the other way, and we are again wrong.
Finally, on the other side of a bridge over a deep valley, we find the shopping center. This center is not that much, after half an hour we have seen it.
That is why we also look at a church, quite beautiful.
Then we eat a snack on the terrace of New Moon Panineria.
We just walk down to the hotel, because we don't know where to get on a bus. Back we look around the center of Raugusa Ibla, but especially Pia finds that very boring.
In the evening we eat something in restaurant Ai Lumi.

Link: Iblaresort.
Link: New Moon Panineria.
Link: Ai Lumi.

Written on: 2019-10-29


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