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Updated: 2019-08-17

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Friday, July 26, 2019

Home - Journeys - Portugal - Lisbon, Spain, France 2019 - Friday, July 26, 2019

We slept for a long time at Hotel Dom Fernando in √Čvora, we wake up at half past seven (half past eight Dutch time).
After showering we go to the restaurant for breakfast. It's a big restaurant, and it's pretty busy. Everyone seems to want to eat at the same time.
The breakfast is reasonable, there is enough choice. The bread is moderate but the coffee is very good.

After breakfast we go by car to a supermarket because we have no drinking water anymore.
The GPS sends us first towards the station, that's good, and wants us to go to a roundabout, but there isn't one. During our previous visit to Evora in 2011, we had to deal with the same phenomenon, we were sent to a roundabout that was not there, but then we were driving with a TomTom from the rental company, and we have an up-to-date Garmin.
The GPS is really a bit upset and sends us into an industrial area, the wrong one, but after 10 minutes we arrive at the supermarket. We buy water, beer, wine and aquardiente. Pia also buys a pair of shoes.

Back to the hotel is a lot faster. We call the landlord of the apartment in Lisbon, Mr. Helio, to ask what time we can get into the apartment. We only have to call if we know when we will arrive, then he will make sure he is there.

We go walking through the center of Evora and we visit a church, where there is a chapel, with the walls full of human skulls and bones. Curious.
The church itself is beautiful, but there are nicer ones.
We walk further through the center, and it is striking that it has become very touristy compared to our first visit, there are many souvenir shops and also many terraces.

Walking makes you hungry and we decide to have lunch at Repas, where we had dinner yesterday. Even now it is busy, but we get a table. We eat something with bacalhau, and it tastes good now too.

After dinner we go back to the hotel, it's hot, and we sit on the terrace.
In the evening we eat at Vinarium Wine & Tapas where we order three tapas, prato misto, chourizo assado and stuffed mushrooms. A salad will follow later. It looks nice inside, it is unfortunately too fresh to sit on the terrace. The food tastes great. We are the first guests, but half an hour later it is full inside and outside. The bill is higher than with Repas, but it's not too bad.
Also tonight peacocks come along, now even two.

Link: Hotel Dom Fernando.
Link: Vinarium Wine & Tapas.

Written on: 2019-07-27


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