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Updated: 2019-08-21

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Monday, July 29, 2019

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The beach.

The beach.

We slept better last night in Barreiro than yesterday.
And we have breakfast, bread with cheese and yogurt with muesli.

We have agreed with Tang and Arjan to go to Cascais today by ferry and train.
At half past eleven we arrive at the ferry, via a detour because we would first meet at the ferry, and then it was at a supermarket to drink coffee, and finally it ended up at the ferry. We drink a cup of coffee, 65 cents, at the ferry and that tastes great. At noon we sail to Lisbon, it takes about 20 minutes on a very fast catamaran, for 5.40 Eur round trip.
We walk to the Caïs de Sodre train station, and for 5 Euro, there and back, we buy tickets to Cascais.
It is very busy in Cascais, we are hungry and eat at John Bull. The food tastes great, and it is quite a lot.
Then we look at the beaches that are very busy. We go back by train and we want to get off in Belem to look there, but the train does not stop there. So we go for a drink in Lisbon, we have to wait a long time before the order is delivered. Then we go back with the ferry.

We do our shopping at a supermarket, Continente, and walk back to our apartment. We have pasties and a dish with vegetables with us, and we eat the pasties immediately.

Link: Continente.

Written on: 2019-07-30


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