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Updated: 2019-09-03

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Home - Journeys - Portugal - Lisbon, Spain, France 2019 - Thursday, August 1, 2019

We are a little less late today.
Pia has a lot of problems with the rash she got yesterday.

After breakfast, with fried eggs without salt, we go drink coffee in the park.
Tang and Arjan are there too, for breakfast. They also ordered a small sandwich.
They ask if we want to have lunch with them and with Arjan's family tomorrow afternoon, we want that.

And then we really go to Sintra, although the botanical garden in the Parque Eduardo VII is also briefly mentioned because we think that Sintra might be very busy.
At the ferry we upgrade our tickets, we have discovered that they are a kind of public transport chip cards. It takes a long time before we are allowed on the ferry, there appears to be someone sick and this is taken off by ambulance personnel.

Once in Lisbon we walk to the Rossio train station, where we again upgrade our tickets.
After more than half an hour by train we are in Sintra where it is indeed very busy, and where we, on the way to the center, are repeatedly approached by people who offer us transport. We don't like that.

We have become hungry, it is now half past two, and Pia sees somewhere that someone is eating a plate with some sort of rice soup. That seems like something to try.
We walk through the narrow steep streets looking for a place to eat, but sometimes the kitchen of a restaurant is closed and sometimes it doesn't look nice.
Eventually we sit down at Tasca do Xico, where we order arroz de mar, rice soup with seafood. It tastes good, there are many shells and small shrimps in the soup.

After dinner, it is already five o'clock, we walk back to the station and go back to Lisbon.
At seven we are back in the apartment.

Written on: 2019-08-02


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