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Updated: 2019-12-11

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Friday, October 27, 2017

Home - Journeys - Holiday Thailand 2017 - Friday, October 27, 2017

We should have landed at half past two, but that has become a quarter past two because of the late departure. However, half of the delay has been made on the way.
We land at the expected time, even a bit earlier. And the plane taxis to the gate.
And then we stop. The gate is not yet free. We wait more than twenty minutes on a taxi strip, and then we continue.

After getting off we go to customs for passport control. It is very busy there, but it seems well organized.
The waiting time is therefore not very long. We have just enough time to let Pia's phone log in on one of the free WiFi networks at the airport. Free here means a maximum of three hours; and they must have your passport number.

After the passport control we pick up our luggage very quickly; it has already been unloaded and is waiting next to the band.

Pia has meanwhile agreed with the family where we would meet each other. That too goes well.
On the way to the car in the parking garage. Warm, very warm.
On the way to the house of Moue and Kaeng in Latkrabang, it all feels very familiar; the environment, the traffic, and the family of course.

Once at home we quickly unpack the suitcases; all the food to the kitchen, all children's clothing and shoes distributed among the children present, and what remains (our clothes and toiletries) upstairs to our bedroom.

Then Phranom, a sister of Pia who is also in the house, gets thirsty and a few bottles of Singha bottles are bought at the 7/11 around the corner.
And then we go out for dinner. To get there we have to drive a short distance on a service raod along the Express-way. Both on the Expressway itself and on the service road where we drive is considerable traffic jam, it takes about 45 minutes to get to the restaurant.
This appears to be a restaurant called Krua Rabiengnaam along Thanon Latkrabang, along Khlong Prawet-Burirom, near Wat Saam. It looks nice, and there are about 20 people.
The food tastes very good, the service is friendly and fast. A nice restaurant.
Something is noticeable, every few minutes a plane passes by a few hundred meters above our head. We are under a flight path from the airport.

Once at home, now only fifteen minutes drive, we drink two bottles of beer and two glasses of wine. And then we go to bed.
We are very tired. Since we got up yesterday, we have been in charge for more than 30 hours. Sleeping is not easy, but in the end we fall asleep.

Written on: 2017-10-28


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