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Updated: 2019-12-19

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Home - Journeys - Holiday Thailand 2017 - Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A drink in the restaurant.

A drink in the restaurant.

Cha-am in the evening.

Cha-am in the evening.

Cat family.

Cat family.

After a night at the family in Latkrabang we go to Cha-Am today. After breakfast we pack the two small suitcases, and at a quarter to eleven we leave.
It almost goes wrong in Hua Ta Kee. An idiot enters the road at a u-turn without looking, we can stop just in time. But then it goes well.
We drive via Hua Ta Kee on Thanon On-Nut in the rirection of Chachoengsao to the driveway to the express way. Actually the wrong direction, but that is the easiest. The alternative is chaos on the roads around the airport.
After 10 minutes Tom is already used to Thai traffic. And then the speed also goes up somewhat.

Within an hour we are on Rama II, and 20 minutes later we pass Samut Prakan and Samut Sakhon. Traffic gets quieter.
We stop at a gas station for (ice)coffee.
At a quarter past two we are at the Bann Pantai Resort in Cha-am. We check in and then go looking for something to eat.

It is pretty gloomy outside, a lot of clouds, no sun. In Bangkok we have been warned about bad weather in the south, rain and strong winds. Fortunately it does not rain, the wind is not hard. But the breakers are higher than usual here in Cha-am.

After dinner, not good and not bad, we walk along the beach. This is a bad time to eat, because we do not feel like eating in the evening anymore.

We decide to take a foot massage at Charoen Massage in a street right next to the hotel, we were also there last year.
The massage works really relaxing, we almost fall asleep.

Afterwards we walk around a bit, and have a drink at the restaurant of the hotel, the Coco Buono Bar & Bistro. We sit there along the Beach road, with the beach across the road. It is quiet, you only hear the waves, an occasional car, and some people sitting on the beach.
At about nine o'clock we go to the room, and we sit outside on the terrace for a while. There it is also quiet, cool and no mosquitoes. It seems to be good out here for a long time.
We get a visit from a cat with three almost mature kittens. The animals are afraid of people, half wild, but curious. But as soon as you try to touch them, they run away, to return again a moment later.
It is so relaxing to sit outside.

Written on: 2017-11-02


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