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Updated: 2019-12-27

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Friday, November 3, 2017

Home - Journeys - Holiday Thailand 2017 - Friday, November 3, 2017

The south of the boulevard.

The south of the boulevard..



Eating along the beach.

Eating along the beach.

Pia gets up very early in the morning in the Bann Pantai Resort in Cha-am. And she is again taking a walk along the beach to the fishing port. And Tom also walks along.
And immediately after that we have breakfast in the hotel. But that we do not like, unwashed and sweating at breakfast.

After breakfast and after showering we rent two bicycles. Those costs 50 Thb per bike for 3 hours, and 100 Thb per bike for 24 hours. The last is what we do, we can borrow chain locks for free.

We first cycle the boulevard all the way to the south. This part of Cha-Am is quieter than the north.

Today it is Loy Kratong and that's why Pia wants to visit a temple where that festival is celebrated. After we have asked for directions, and have cycled wrong once, we find the temple.
Pia wants to go there tonight.

We decide to eat along the beach, there are dozens of stalls where you can order fresh seafood that you can eat on the beach.
We order shell shells (scallops) and crab. And beer with ice. It all tastes very good, although eating crab remains a hassle.
Then we cycle to the hotel and do nothing for about an hour.

Then we cycle the boulevard to the north. We do not go on the fishing pier, it is very hot and there is a stong wind.

But we did pass a temple where there also seems to be a party. We're going to look and there is also the Loy Kratong festival tonight.

Tom starts to feel not very well, we quickly return to the hotel.
Maybe not quite right, beer with ice or shells.
Pia buys imodium, and hopefully that helps.

After that Pia finally buys a swimsuit and she swims in the pool at the hotel.

In the evening we do not go to a temple, but we still want to eat something outside. It is very busy on the boulevard, and there are food stalls everywhere.
We order something simple, but after two bites Tom gets pretty nauseous. It will only be dry rice and water for the rest of the evening.

We go to bed early.

Written on: 2018-11-05


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