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Updated: 2020-01-22

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Thursday, November 9, 2017

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We slept well again at the family in Latkrabang.

We want to visit Pia's brother Titnoi and give him some things that we brought from the Netherlands.
Pia's brother lives since a few years as a novice in Wat Soong, officially Wat Sangkha Racha. He is still a novice because he enjoys doing maintenance jobs for the temple, and if he became a monk, he is not allowed to do that anymore.

We take a taxi to Wat Soong, and find Titnoi in the workshop where he can often be found. Pia and Titnoi talk to each other for a while.
After that Pia brings some offerings to various Buddha statues in Wat Soong.

We walk back a little and eat noodle soup at Tahoun's sister. Tahoun is the man who, when Pia and her family were still living along the water, used to come every day in his boat in which he prepared and sold noodle soup.
Now he does not do that anymore because he is too old. His sister took over his work, not in a boat, but in a restaurant.

Then we cross Thanon On-Nut, we are on the corner of On-Nut and King Kaew, and look at two covered markets there.
Of course we bring something to eat.

In the evening Moue says that she wants to go to the municipality with Pia tomorrow to have Pia registered at Moue's address (since the sale of the house in Prawet, Pia is officially homeless).
And Phranom calls to say that the plan to go to Phetchaburi with the whole family is not possible, there are no more vacation homes left. A pity, but now we can make some more plans for our tour through Northern Thailand.
And Phranom also sends something about a new cafe or something like that in Hua Ta Kee. We agree to go there together at the weekend. Cha-Ee wants to go too.

Written on: 2017-11-10


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