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Updated: 2020-02-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Monday, November 20, 2017

Home - Journeys - Holiday Thailand 2017 - Monday, November 20, 2017

Last nigt we slept with the family in Latkrabang.

We are leaving today to the north; the intention is to ride the Mae Hong Son loop.

At a quarter past ten we drive away; first to the Paseo Latkrabang to do some shopping, and then to Kamphaeng Phet, our first stopover.
It is busy at the intersection of Thanon Chao Kun Tahan and Thanon Rom Klao, and then at Thanon Rom Klao. At eleven o'clock we arrive at the Paseo Latkrabang; we buy wine, beer, water. Pia goes to an ATM to get money and then goes to a drugstore/pharmacy to buy something against a stiff neck.
Quarter to twelve we drive into Thanon On-nut in the direction of Prawet, where we can take the Kanchanaphisek Road.

From there it goes fairly quickly until we reach the end of Kanchanaphisek Road, and we have to continue onto the highway north.
At half past twelve we are on the highway and we drink some coffee at a gas station. From Changwat Nakhon Sawan a lot of work is done on the road, rightly so because it is bad, but that means slow driving. It also rains occasionally.
Once in changwat Kamphaeng Phet it gets on again, but we are only after half past four, and 380 km, in the Chakungrao Riverview Hotel. We check in for 1100 Thb, including breakfast, and walk around in the park along the river; a lot of people are sporting there. We have a drink at the market, and there we also eat a kind of Thai fondue, broth in which you cook meat and vegetables.
When we walk back to the hotel we come across a beer cafe next to the hotel, we drink something, Pia a Pauwels Kwak, Tom just Singha, and at ten o'clock we go to our hotel room.

Written on: 2017-11-29


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