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Updated: 2020-02-26

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Chae Son National Park, Chae Son, Lampang, Thailand

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Hot spring.

Hot spring.

Coordinaten: 18°50'11.78"N 99°28'14.45"E.

The Chae Son National Park is approximately 75 km north of Lampang, in the Chae Son and Mueang Pan districts.
The road to it from Lampang starts as a good four-lane highway, but the last 20 or 30 kilometers are on narrow two-lane roads. The direction is well indicated, we have never gone wrong. But you have to keep a close eye on how you drove, because the way back to Lampang is less well marked.

The park, over 750 square kilometers, consists of mountainous terrain, with caves, waterfalls and hot springs.
We have only been in the vicinity of the park headquarters. This headquarters is just behind the entrance. Unlike other parks, we have never had to pay access here.

If you continue for about 10 minutes from the headquarters, on a narrow and sometimes very steep road, you will come to the bottom of the Chae Son waterfall. This waterfall consists of six steps.

At the bottom is a house for park rangers. You can hand in your food there, food is nod allowed in to not disturb and pollute nature. And you can buy fish food, the lakes between the waterfalls are often full of fish.
Stairs have been laid along the waterfalls, and sometimes bridges over the water. You can walk and climb all the way to the top, sometimes very steep. We think it's very worthwhile.
At the top you can walk further to other waterfalls, but we have never done that.
You have to go back largely along the same stairs and bridges, but at the bottom you can take a different path.

At the parking lot at the bottom of the waterfall are a number of market stalls. People who live nearby sell their products there, especially handicrafts.
Nice to look at, and maybe you will find something to take with you, it is not expensive.

Climbing makes you hungry, and on the way back, just before the headquarters, you can eat something.

Opposite the headquarters is a site with a number of hot springs. It smells very much like sulfur, it is warm, and occasionally foggy. The water is more than 70° C.
Paths run through it, and occasionally there are warnings for the warm water. Strange plants or algae grow in the water. It's fascinating to walk around here.
The warm water eventually mixes with the cool water of the waterfall, and you will always find many people playing in the water here.

At the back of the site are a number of buildings, bathhouses. Here baths are made, and for a small amount you rent a towel and a sarong, and then you can make unlimited use of either a private bath or a communal bath.
The water in the baths is constantly being refreshed. Depending on the location of the bathhouse, the water is warm or very hot.
We have been to hot water baths before, in Chiang Rai and Kamphaeng Phet, but bathing here is the most relaxing, which is certainly due to the environment.

After a hot bath, a Thai massage is completely relaxing.
And that is also possible here, in a large, open pavilion.

Our last visit was on Wednesday, November 22, 2017.

Written on: 2017-12-08


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