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Updated: 2020-04-01

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Slept at Diamond De Pai City Hotel, Weing Tai, Pai, Mae Hong Son, Thailand

Home - Journeys - Holiday Thailand 2017 - Slept at Diamond De Pai City Hotel, Weing Tai, Pai, Mae Hong Son, Thailand

Adress: Moo 8, Weing Tai, Pai, Mae Hong Son, Thailand.
Coordinates: 19°21'21.20"N 98°26'08.71"e.

The Diamond De Pai City Hotel is located on the edge of Pai, along the road to Chiang Mai. You can walk to the center of Pai in 10 minutes.
There is a large parking lot in front of the hotel, and there are two planes. The hotel looks fresh, but it is not really impressive.

The room we slept in was very simple, and not too big, about 25 square meters. The room gave the impression of being clean. There was a reasonable double bed, the floor was covered with tiles.
The room had two double sliding windows, both of which could be opened, nice if you want fresh air in the morning.
The room had a flat-screen TV, a fridge with a minibar, two kitchen chairs and a kitchen table, a dressing table with hairdryer, and a rack for suitcases. The furniture did not match very well, but they were well maintained.
Obviously the room had air conditioning. The air conditioner worked well and hardly made any noise.

The bathroom had hot and cold water; the hot water came from an electric heater, there was enough hot water. Soap and shampoo were on the sink, and of course there were plenty of towels.
Striking detail: do not throw toilet paper in the toilet.

The hotel has a spacious parking lot, and there is a restaurant. There is also free WiFi.

We slept at the Diamond de Pai City Hotel on Monday, November 27, 2017. We left again on Tuesday, November 28, 2017.

For the room we paid 800 Thb, this was without breakfast. And we had not pre-booked.

Written on: 2018-02-28


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