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Updated: 2020-03-28

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Su Tong Pae Bridge, Pang Mu, Mueang Mae Hong Son, Mae Hong Son, Thailand

Home - Journeys - Holiday Thailand 2017 - Su Tong Pae Bridge, Pang Mu, Mueang Mae Hong Son, Mae Hong Son, Thailand



Su Tong Pae bridge.

Su Tong Pae bridge.

Su Tong Pae bridge.

Su Tong Pae bridge.

Adress: Pang Mu, Mueang Mae Hong Son, Mae Hong Son, Thailand.
Coordinates: 19°23'20.38"N 97°57'15.14"E.

The Su Tong Pae Bridge is located in the village of Kung Mai Sak, about 15 kilometers north off Mae Hong Son.
The bridge connects the Phu Sa Ma temple to the village. The temple is located on a hill on one side of a valley through which the Sa-Nga River flows; the village is on the other side of the valley.
The bridge is made of bamboo, about 2 meters wide and about 500 meters long.

From Mae Hong Son we drive on road 1095 towards Pai, and after about 10 kilometers we come across signs that bring us to the Phu Sa Ma temple.
This temple is built in a very different style than the temples in central Thailand. For us, this temple is very beautiful. And we are still working on making it even more beautiful.

Because of its location you have a beautiful view over the valley and the bridge.
As usual in Thailand you can buy food at the beginning of the bridge, walking 500 meters is still a considerable effort for which you have to be well prepared.
Via bamboo stairs, which are easy to walk on, we walk down the slope to the beginning of the bridge. The bridge is about one meter above the rice fields, and you have a nice view. The bridge is a bit higher at the river.
We are early, about 10 am, and it is not busy.
On the other side, in the village, food is of course also for sale to recover from the long walk. And of course there are also the usual souvenirs for sale.
When we walk back it has become quite busy.

It was nice to have been here, and we enjoyed the beautiful views and the beautiful temple.

We were here on Sunday, November 26, 2017.

Written on: 2018-01-19


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