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Updated: 2020-03-24

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Thung Bua Thong Forest Park, Mae U Kho, Khun Yuam, Mae Hong Song, Thailand

Home - Journeys - Holiday Thailand 2017 - Thung Bua Thong Forest Park, Mae U Kho, Khun Yuam, Mae Hong Song, Thailand





Adress: 261/2 1 Mae U Kho, Khun Yuam, Mae Hong Song, Thailand.
Coordinates: 18°53'40.93"N 98°05'27.94"E.

Pia had heard about Thung Bua Tong Forest Park somewhere. That would be great, especially in November and December.
It would be large fields with a kind of sunflowers.
The weekend before, we read something about congestion in the area. So it had to be very beautiful or very popular.
On the way from Mae Sariang to Mae Hong Son we already saw many sunflowers along the way. Pretty nice to see.

The way there from Mae Hong Son is quite difficult.
First 60 km south on road 108 to Khun Yuan. There turn left onto road 1263 and follow it for about 15 kilometers. This road is narrower than the 108, and more hilly.
Then turn right onto road 4009 and into the mountains. This road is narrow, winding and occasionally quite steep.

After a while you come to a market where everyone seems to stop. There is fruit and vegetables for sale, and for a fee you can look in a flower garden. And there is, also for a fee, a toilet. It is all very commercial.

If you drive a bit further you will come to the fields of sunflowers. They are very, very many sunflowers, and there are also many people.
The view of the surrounding mountains is very beautiful. And you can also climb on a kind of tower so that you have an even better view.
We wondered if anyone has helped nature a bit, there are so many sunflowers and all in a fairly small area.

Fortunately, the way back down the mountain is not too bad. But if you are stuck in traffic jams on these roads, we don't think you will be happy.
All in all, we were on the road for almost six hours.
But it is worth it.

We visited Thung Bua Tong Forest Park on Saturday, November 25, 2017.

Written on: 2018-02-27


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