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Updated: 2019-07-02

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Home - Journeys - Thailand 2018/2019 - Thursday, January 3, 2019

Tonight we slept with the family in Latkrabang.
Pia wants to have our nails cut and cleaned today. There is an appointment at noon near Wat Nung with someone we also visited last year.
It is casually decided that Tom has to make pasta tonight.
We go by taxi to the pedicure. When we walk from the taxi through the market to the pedicure, one of Pia's slippers breaks.

Pia and the pedicure get along fine and Pia agrees that she will be back for a facial massage tomorrow.
There is also an acupuncturist a few houses away and Pia wants to go there tomorrow for the complaints of her knee.

Pia buys new slippers and we do some shopping for pasta at the market. We eat noodle soup close to the market.
With a taxi we go to the Paseo Latkrabang where we shop at Villa Market.
Then we drink beer and wine at Wine Connection, where Pia also buys two bottles of wine.

Tom cooks pasta sauce with lots of vegetables, especially mushrooms, and canned fish.
It tastes good, and the Thai family also likes the sauce.

Link: Villa Market.
Link: Wine Connection.

Written on: 2019-01-04


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