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Updated: 2019-07-11

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Friday, February 1, 2019

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Evening on the beach.

Evening on the beach.

We slept restlessly at the Hadsaithong Resort in Haad Chao Lao. That depends on us and not on the hotel. We just have to get used to a new environment and the hard bed again.
The breakfast is fortunately good, there is delicious rice soup, the coffee is not too bad, and there is enough juice and water. There are also reasonable croissants.
And before and after breakfast, the young and old children swim.

Tom wants good espresso, so we go look outside the resort. We find a coffee shop, but the coffee is not what we had hoped for.

We do not want to stay in the resort all day and so the whole family gets in the car.
Moue shows the way and after fifteen minutes we arrive at the Kung Kraben Bay Aquarium on Haad Laem Sadet. Access to this aquarium is free, but that has consequences for maintenance. It looks a bit expired and some aquariums are not clean. The children do like the aquarium.
The aquarium is on the road along the beach, but something is being built on that beach. It's not nice to sit there.

Then we go to an education center in a mangrove area, the Kung Kraben Bay Royal Development Study Center. This is a study center for mangrove forests.
A good, raised wooden path runs through this area, and it all looks neat. There are nameplates near the trees, and there are explanatory signs in both Thai and English at various locations. It takes more than an hour to walk through it.

Walking makes you hungry and that's why we drive back to Hat Chao Lao, where we decide to eat at an Isaan restaurant because there were quite a lot of people sitting there on the way to Kung Kraben. The food is reasonable, except the larb moo, the meat tastes strange. We ask for a new portion, and it tastes a little better, but not good enough. We just don't eat the larb.

The children want to sleep, so we drive back to the resort.
The rest of the afternoon it is swimming again, especially by the children.

We eat in the hotel, the food is pretty good, and not too expensive, Thb 1400 including beer, and that in a restaurant along the beach.
Late in the evening another downpour falls.

Written on: 2019-02-02


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