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Updated: 2019-07-15

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

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The tower in the city.

The tower in the city.

We slept better last night Latkrabang, the mosquitoes are all sprayed to death.

Today we go to Suphan Buri, and we want to leave early.
In the end we drive away at half past eleven, why we didn't leave earlier is not entirely clear.
Via Srinakharindra Road we drive towards Ayuthaya and there we take a turn towards Suphan Buri.
Around two o'clock, we drove quietly, we turned on google, and we easily reached the hotel we found on the internet, the Sri U-Thong Grand Hotel.
We take a de luxe room, which has just been renovated, for two nights. It turns out to be a nice, spacious room.

We visit a 70-meter-high observation tower near the hotel, in the middle of the city. The view over Suphan Buri and the surrounding area is beautiful; Suphan Buri is not such a big city. Fortunately, Tom is not that bothered by heights. In the tower we get information about a number of places that we can go and see in the area.
But before we can see places, we first have to go to Ban Rai in Uthai Thani to pay the land tax for the family.
There are a lot of air conditioners in the tower and this has to cost a lot of electricity.

We take a look around in the center of Suphan Buri, at the market and in streets with shops. It seems like a nice city.

On the way to the hotel, Tom saw a steak house, we take a look there, but we don't like it.
Near the hotel we see Alek Restaurant Steak, and after some hesitation we decide to eat there.
The owner is a nice man, the food is reasonable, it became cozy.
We want to have a drink outside, but we can't find anything in the street where the hotel is located. We just buy some beer, we already have wine, and we go to our hotel room.

Written on: 2019-02-07


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