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Updated: 2019-09-09

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Sunday, February 17, 2017

Home - Journeys - Thailand 2018/2019 - Sunday, February 17, 2017

We spent the night in Latkrabang.

Today we are going to Megabagna with Moue to see if the presents for the grandchildren, which Pia could not find yesterday, can be bought there.
Megabangna is indeed a mega shopping mall, but not particularly nice. There is a HomePro, Robinson, Ikea, Tops and lots of smaller stores. There is even a real restaurant street.
Pia finds something for Melay, but not what she's looking for for Osman.

All that shopping makes you hungry, and we drive to Hua Ta Kee, where we eat delicious noodle soup.

At home Tom packs things up because we are going to Luang Prabang tomorrow.
The alarm clock is set at half past six, we want to go to the airport at eight.

Link: Megabangna.

Written on: 2019-02-18


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