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Updated: 2021-04-10

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Thailand 2018/2019

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This time we are going to Thailand for the first time for three months. The last time was two months. We are curious if we are going to like it.

Three months is not really a holiday anymore. We do not want and we can not be on the road for three months. Last holiday, and also this holiday, we have experienced that changing hotel every few days is very tiring, and not fun anymore.
But that means that we are pretty often just in Bangkok, at home with family. And it also means that, just as in the Netherlands, we will follow a certain routine.
Getting up in time, drinking coffee. Tom takes a shower and has breakfast, and then does something on the computer. Pia will clean up the kitchen, have breakfast and take a shower.
And in the afternoon we usually go somewhere, but sometimes not.

Gradually we begin to feel that the routine is going to dominate, and that three months in Thailand is perhaps too long. If we had a house of our own here, and a few years ago we decided that we do not want that, it might be different, then you can do something about that house.

Last year we were asked if we missed the Netherlands.
We hardly do that, Pia a bit moer because of the grandchildren.
But we do miss a few things from the Netherlands:
In Thailand we can not walk and cycle as we do almost daily in the Netherlands. It is too hot here in Thailand, and the traffic is not fun and too dangerous to cycle.
We also miss the pub with its many types of beer. We can drink beer and wine here, but Thailand does not have a pub culture like in the Netherlands.
And we also miss a well prepared good piece of meat.

Written on: 2018-12-13


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