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Updated: 2020-06-02

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Friday, February 14, 2020

Home - Journeys - Thailand and Laos 2020 - Friday, February 14, 2020

We slept a little bit better last night in Lat Krabang.
Pia complains about her ankle, an <_park/2019-10-23.html>injury from a while ago seems to give complaints again. During the day, Pia thinks that she always walks on sturdy slippers in the Netherlands, and here on her bare feet. That is a different body position and perhaps that is the cause.
We brought some drawings and a bank card from Taeng, a friend from Apeldoorn, to give to her daughter in Bangkok. Pia will meet the daughter for tonight.

Gunn is ill and therefore remains at home today. That does not matter, we plan to get some groceries, but not necessarily today, and if he feels better, he can also come along.
Very fast he feels better, after half an hour he is already a lot better, he says. Typically truancy.

When we sit outside a man with a cart full of plants comes by. Pia buys a few and of course they have to be put in pots in the garden. And that lasts the rest of the morning.

At half past one we walk to the street with Gunn to eat something. The restaurant we wanted to go to is already closed, all the food is gone. Then the restaurant next door, it doesn't look like much, but the food tastes good, the people are friendly. A little boy likes to play with Gunn, and all his toys are put on the table with us. For three dishes and some lemonade we pay Thb 130, not expensive.
We buy some yoghurt at the 7 Eleven and when we walk past the restaurant where we have eaten we are called, Gunn has left his cap there and he gets it back.

It is too late to go to the Paseo Lat Krabang as we planned, so we will stay at home.
Gunn plays soccer in the yard and shoots his ball in the street. Tom has to get him because Gunn is afraid of the dogs on the street. Moue's dog walks along and then Gunn has to go outside to pick up that dog again.

At about seven o'clock Taeng's daughter is on the doorstep and she receives the papers and card from Pia. She would like to know how her mother is recovering from a cerebral hemorrhage. Fortunately, as far as we can judge, things are going very well with Taeng.
Then Pia gets some food along the road, we are not very hungry.
We're talking about cars with Moue. Moue doesn't care which car she drives, but her car is more economical than Phranom's. We will therefore probably use Moue's car because we expect to drive more kilometers.

Written on: 2020-02-15


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