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Updated: 2020-06-14

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Home - Journeys - Thailand and Laos 2020 - Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Beautiful flowers.

Beautiful flowers.

Namtok Phlio.

Namtok Phlio.



Tonight was our first night at the Hadsaithong Resort in Haad Chao Lao.
The yesterday rising tide with high waves continued tonight. The waves remain high, which is clearly audible, and the water is almost against the terrace of the restaurant.
The group of teachers took a lot of alcohol in the evening, with the result that after a while they get a rowdy disagreement. But around ten o'clock everything is quiet.
And we have to get used to another bed. We therefore slept only moderately.

The teachers are already outside at half past six, so we wake up early.
On our terrace we find some strange, but very beautiful flowers. Probably the strange fruits we saw yesterday are not fruits at all but buds. Very nice.
We now have enough time for breakfast, which is very early at this hotel, between seven and nine o'clock. The Thai part of the breakfast tastes good, the coffee less, and the western part doesn't taste that great either. But we knew that beforehand.

Today we go to a waterfall just past Chanthaburi, Namtok Phlio. We've been here about 10 or more years ago.
The road there is easy, follow Sukhumvit to the east and pay close attention to the signs. After a good half hour drive we are there. We park the car in one of the parking lots, 30 Thb and we walk to the entrance. Pia can enter for free, she is over 65. Tom can pay 200 Thb even if he is over 65.
The waterfall is nice to see, there are a lot of fish swimming around, and they come to clean your feet for free if you put them in the water. The park is neat and well maintained. There are toilets, and the park rangers keep a close eye on things. No food is allowed to enter, and there is no clutter anywhere.
After an hour and a half we have seen it.

We drive back towards Haad Chao Lao and Tom wants to go to the fishing pier, but we miss the right turn, and we get hungry, it has already been two o'clock. Eventually we find the right turn, but there we first drive to Haad Kung Wiman, where we had a nice meal during a previous visit.
At the same restaurant, ร้าน เจ๊ ริน (Je Rin Shop), we sit down again, we are the second couple of guests. After an hour there with five tables of people come to eat. The food tastes good, the view is nice, the service friendly and fairly smooth.

It is too late, we think, to drive somewhere, we go back to the hotel, we get something to drink and eat across the road, and we sit on our terrace all evening enjoying the sea.
In addition to the group of teachers, a group of students has now arrived at the hotel.

Written on: 2020-02-20


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