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Updated: 2020-06-06

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Eaten at Kai Yang Khao Suan Kwang, Lat Krabang, Bangkok, Thailand

Home - Journeys - Thailand and Laos 2020 - Eaten at Kai Yang Khao Suan Kwang, Lat Krabang, Bangkok, Thailand

Adress: 18/5 The Paseo Mall 1, Thanon Lat Krabang, Lat Krabang, Bangkok.
Telephone: +66-2-3464175.
Coordinates: 51º58'55.14'N 5º54'17.08'E.

This is a restaurant that mainly serves food from the north-east of Thailand.
But you can also eat other Thai dishes here.
The menu is in Thai and English, and luckily there are pictures.

In this restaurant, unlike most Isaan restaurants, you eat indoors, in an air-conditioned room.
Outside, next to the door under a veranda, there are also a few tables, but they are not used very often.
There are about 20 tables, sturdy wooden tables with sturdy chairs, about 80 people can sit inside, about 16 outside.
At the back of the restaurant, behind the cash register and bar, is the kitchen. The kitchen is closed, unfortunately you don't see how the food is made.

The restaurant is not very busy during the day, but people are eating all day long. It is of course much busier by dinnertime.

We usually eat kai yang (grilled chicken) and some other Isaan dishes here. The food tastes good and it is not too hot.
You never have to wait very long for the food, and the service is usually quite smooth. The staff speak almost no English.
This is not a restaurant where you eat with a large group of people for a long time. But it is good for lunch or a fairly quick meal.

We were here on Saturday, February 15 2020.

Written on: 2020-02-16


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