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Updated: 2021-04-04

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Tuesday February 11, 2020 and Wednesday February 12, 2020

Home - Reizen - Thailand and Laos 2020 - Tuesday February 11, 2020 and Wednesday February 12, 2020

Today we leave.
We wake up early and get up quickly.
Tom takes down all the luggage and starts packing.
Us usual we just walk through the Mheenpark because we will have to sit in the plane for more than 10 hours.
As usual we have a lot of luggage, especially things to give away to family in Thailand. In the end everything is packed, two suitcases of almost 30 kg each, and that is allowed. And also two trolleys, 8 kg each, and a photo bag, a PC bag and a handbag. We'll see what is going to happen at check-in.

Pia gets a message from Moue, she can't pick us up because of a new attendance system at her work. So we have to take a taxi from the airport to Moue's house in Bangkok.
And Tom receives a message from both Schiphol and Eva Air that the flight has been delayed an hour.

The taxi is ready at half past three. There are two other people in the taxi, one of which goes with the same flight.
We are at Schiphol at five o'clock. The check-in desk is not yet open, but people are already waiting. We have a drink at Schiphol Plaza and at a quarter past six we go back to the check-in desk. The line is a bit longer, but the desk has just opened; it is getting along well. Our suitcases are checked in without any problems, and hand luggage is no problem.
The lady at the desk asks why we don't have a visa, but after showing the tickets to Luang Prabang there is no problem.
The safety check runs smoothly. Only the avocados are looked at equally closely. And passport control is also fast.

We want to eat something before we leave, but we are shocked by the prices at Schiphol, a simple dish quickly costs € 15. We decide to eat something at Kebaya, there are tables available but we are told that for some reason we have to wait 15 to 20 minutes before we can sit. We don't do that.
We walk up the pier and near the gate we can also get some food and drinks at Silverscreen Bar, just as expensive.

At the time adjusted by the delay, we can board the aircraft, which is quite full. But we have good places. With almost an hour and a half delay we leave at a quarter to eleven. After a while we get food, not very tasty, but maybe that's because we are tired and actually not hungry.
On the way we occasionally experience some turbulence, more than we are used to.
The plane goes very fast, about 1100 km per hour, also faster than we are used to. The expected arrival time in Bangkok is only fifteen minutes later than the schedule.
During the flight we do not sleep well, often awake, restless, but the flight goes smoothly.
Breakfast, like dinner, doesn't really taste good.

When we arrive at Bangkok it is indeed only fifteen minutes after the planned arrival time. We can disembark quickly and we walk to immigration.
We are both allowed to pass the check for people with a Thai passport and we arrive at the baggage belts far too early. The luggage has not yet been unloaded.
When we have the suitcases we walk through customs to the taxi stand. There you can now choose from a regular taxi for long distances, a large taxi for long distances and a taxi for short distances. Previously, the latter choice was not available, and many drivers did not want to take short trips.
We meet a friendly driver and at 5 o'clock we are in Lat Krabang at Moue's house, Pia's sister Phranom and Moue's children Gunn and Focus are waiting for us.
We unpack the luggage and arrange our room. Moue is now also coming home.
We eat grilled fish, drink beer, eat even more fish and drink even more beer.
The car is discussed for a while, we will use Moue's car or Phranom's car. Pranom proposes to park her car here too, so there is always a car available for us. At nine o'clock Tom goes to bed, very tired and sleepy. Pia follows a while later because of course there is still a lot to catch up on.

Link: Schiphol.
Link: Eva Air.
Link: Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Written on: 2020-02-13


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