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Updated: 2021-04-11

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Home - Reizen - Thailand and Laos 2020 - Thursday, February 13, 2020

We slept very restless in Lat Krabang. We are probably too tired from the flight.
We look a bit in the kitchen for stuff to make coffee. Pia cycles to the 7 Eleven around the corner to buy yogurt. She also brings tjolk, a kind of rice soup. We have breakfast with rice soup, bread with cheese from the Netherlands, and yogurt.
Outside on the street, everything still looks the same as last year. The group of stray dogs is still there, but they have not become any more. The same cars with food come by. It is all very familiar.
Pia rummages around in the kitchen, Tom writes stories about the journey and the arrival in Lat Krabang.

At about one o'clock we walk to the road to eat bami soup. A few houses have been renovated in the soi, but not much has changed. We have the idea that there are more cars. We eat noodle soup at a restaurant 50 meters past the soi, a neat restaurant with tasty bami soup. In the evening, so we decide, we are going to eat platou (steamed mackerels) with nam prik kapi (sambal of shrimp paste).
Then we pin money and buy some things at the 7 Eleven. On the way, Pia has a chat with the owner of a restaurant where we have often eaten during previous trips.

The rest of the afternoon we are at home, reading a bit, cleaning up our luggage. Moue comes home with the children at about half past five. Pia buys nam prik kapi along the road and beer at the 7 Eleven.
At half past six we start to eat, without platou because it still has to be brought. The platou is finally brought and it tastes good.

Link: 7 Eleven.

Written on: 2020-02-14


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