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Updated: 2021-04-02

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

January 2020

Home - Reizen - Thailand and Laos 2020 - January 2020

Our plans to gather information about where we want to look in Thailand for our upcoming journey have mainly remained plans. We haven't actually looked up anything, we'll see when we get there.

But something has been done and something has happened.
The friend of Luuk Naam, one of Pia's nieces, becomes a monk sometime in March. This will take place in his hometown in Surin province, and we are also invited.
Transport to Schiphol and back is arranged. We disagree about the driver, but we're going to do it this way.
We already planned to visit Laos and Vietnam or Cambodia, and then we have to leave Thailand twice, our stay is then divided into three parts. We have decided that Tom will not apply for a visa, because we go out Thailand twice it is no longer necessary, we can use the visa exemption of 30 days three times.
We book the trip to Laos partly in the Netherlands, Vietnam we arrange in Bangkok and if that is not possible we will probably go to Cambodia.
We had planned to first go to Vientiane in Laos and from there to Luang Prabang. But that is not possible, the flights from Suvannanbhumi to Vientiane leave at 7 in the morning, and we think that is way too early. We can leave for Luang Prabang at about 10 o'clock and that is a lot better. We have already ordered two tickets with Lao Airlines, partly to avoid problems when checking in at Schiphol. After all, we do not have a visa and we only fly back after more than two months, which is much longer than the 30-day visa exemption. Eva Air can make problems about that because they have to make sure we come back if immigration into Thailand wouldn't allow Tom.
And of course there is the necessary bought, instant coffee, anti-mosquito spread, stroopwafels, chocolate, an orange football, etc. And Tom's old PC has to come too, we'll see who gets it.

Link: Lao Airlines.

Written on: 2020-02-13


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