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Updated: 2019-07-14

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap


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Traveling in fun.
We used to travel mainly through Thailand, we just didn't have enough money to go on vacation often. But over time we have started visiting other countries in Europe. And that is just as much fun as traveling through Thailand.
We are both now retired, we have all the time to look everywhere. And we intend, as long as we can afford it, financially and in terms of health, to regularly visit other countries, or simply places in the Netherlands.

Traveling through Thailand remains special for us. Almost all of Pia's family members live in Thailand, and a visit to Thailand is more than just a trip to and through the country. It is also family visit.

For a few years, about since 2017, we are keeping a good record of what we have done during a trip. That means that we keep track of what we have done one day, where we have been, where we have eaten, drunk and slept, and what we thought about it. So we can tell quite extensively about these trips.
We tell a little less about travel before 2017, we have to rely on our memory and on photos that we have taken. But we are going to do our best.

Where possible we place photos with our stories. We have made all these photos ourselves, in the past photos or slides with an analog camera, now photos and videos with a digital SLR camera or with a smart phone. The slides are projected and re-photographed, the analogue photos are scanned.

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