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Page updated: 2018-09-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Ministry of Defence

Home - Government - Executive branch - Central administration - Cabinet - Ministry of Defence



bullet  Ministry of Defence

bullet  Departments

bullet  Royal Thai Air Force

bullet  1st Air Division

bullet  Wing 2


bullet  Wing 6

bullet  2nd Air Divison

bullet  Wing 1

bullet  Wing 21

bullet  3rd Air Division

bullet  Wing 4

bullet  Wing 41

bullet  Wing 46

bullet  4th Air Division

bullet  Flying Training School

bullet  Wing 56

bullet  Directorate of Education and Training

bullet  Air Technical Training School

bullet  Directorate of Medical Services

bullet  Bhumibol Adulyadej Hospital

bullet  Chandrarubeksa Hospital

bullet  Institute of Higher Education

bullet  Air Command and Staff College

bullet  Air War College

bullet  Office of the Inspector General

bullet  Military Medical Office

bullet  Office of the Secretary

bullet  RTAF Library

bullet  RTAF Nursing College

bullet  Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters

bullet  Armed Forcec Development Command

bullet  Armed Forces Academies Preparatory School

bullet  Armed Forces Security Center

bullet  Department of Military Border Affairs

bullet  Department of Military Forces

bullet  Military Service Department

bullet  Royal Thai Survey Department

bullet  Directorate of Joint Civil Affairs

bullet  Directorate of Joint Communications

bullet  Directorate of Joint Intelligence

bullet  Directorate of Joint Operations

bullet  Directorate of Military Logistics

bullet  Education

bullet  Army Non Commissioned Office School

bullet  Joint Staff College

bullet  Military Technical Training School

bullet  National Defence College

bullet  Office of the Judge Advocate

bullet  Royal Thai Army

bullet  2nd Army Area

bullet  3rd Army Area

bullet  Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy

bullet  Royal Thai Army Band Department

bullet  Royal Thai Army Medical Department

bullet  Phramongkutklao College of Medicine

bullet  Phramongkutklao Hospital

bullet  Royal Thai Army Nursing College

bullet  RTA Hospitals

bullet  Fort Surasak Hospital

bullet  Royal Thai Army War College

bullet  Southern Border Provinces Peace-Building Command

bullet  Royal Thai Navy

bullet  Recruit Training Center

bullet  Royal THai Fleet

bullet  Naval Air Division

bullet  U-Tapao International Airport

bullet  Royal Thai Naval Academy

bullet  Public Organizations

bullet  Defence Technology Institute

bullet  State Enterprises

bullet  War Veterans Organization of Thailand

Under Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King.

bullet  Computer Center WVO

bullet  Thailand Cyber University


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