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Page updated: 2018-09-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Kasetsart University

Home - Bangkok - Chatuchak - Lat Yao - Kasetsart University



bullet  Kasetsart University

On 59 Moo 1, Thanon Sakon Nakhon-Nakhon Phanom, Chiang Khruea, Mueang Sakon Nakhon, Sakon Nakhon.

On 50 Thanon Ngam Wong Wan, Lat Yao, Chatuchak, Bangkok.

bullet  Divisions

bullet  Planning Division

bullet  Student Affairs Division

bullet  Infirmary of Kasetsart University

bullet  Faculties and programs

bullet  Faculty of Agriculture

bullet  Department of Agricultural Extension and Communication

bullet  Department of Agronomy

bullet  Department of Animal Husbandry

bullet  Department of Entomology

bullet  Department of Farm Mechanics

bullet  Department of Home Economics

bullet  Child Care and Devevelopment Center

bullet  Project of Food Service Standard Laboratory

bullet  Department of Horticulture

bullet  Department of Plant Pathology

bullet  Department of Soil Science

bullet  Master of Science Program in Home Economics

bullet  National Corn and Sorghum Research Center

bullet  Office of the Secretary

bullet  Tropical Agriculture International Program

bullet  Faculty of Agro-Industry

bullet  Bachelor of Science Program in Agro-Industry

bullet  Department of Product Development

bullet  Master Special Projects

bullet  Faculty of Architecture

bullet  Center for Architectural Research and Academic Service

bullet  Center of Building Innovation and Technology

bullet  Master in Building Innovation and Technology

bullet  Faculty of Business Administration

bullet  Bachelor of Accountancy Program

bullet  Civil-Military MBA Program

bullet  Department of Accounting

bullet  Finance Department

bullet  Departmet of Management

bullet  Operations Management Department

bullet  Doctor of Philosophy Program in Business Administration

bullet  Executive MBA Program

bullet  Kaset mini Financial Business Management

bullet  Master of Accountancy Special Program

bullet  Master of Arts Program in Applied Finance

bullet  Young Executive MBA Program

bullet  Faculty of Economics

bullet  Bacheler of Science in Cooperatives Economics

bullet  Center for Applied Economics Research

bullet  Co-opereative Academic Institute

bullet  Department of Agricultural and Resource

bullet  Departmen of Cooperatives

bullet  Department of Economics

bullet  Bachelor of Economics

bullet  Graduate Study Center

bullet  Office of the Secretary

bullet  Faculty of Education

bullet  Department of Education

bullet  Department of Educational Technology

bullet  DEpartment of Physical Education

bullet  Department of Vocational Education

bullet  Laboratory SChool

bullet  Multilingual Program

bullet  Faculty of Engineering

bullet  Center of Safety Technology in Buildings and Industrial Works

bullet  Computer Engineering Graduate School

bullet  Department of Aerospace Engineering

bullet  Department of Chemical Engineering

bullet  Department of Civil Engineering

bullet  Department of Computer Engineering

bullet  Department of Electrical Engineering

bullet  Departmet of Environmental Engineering

bullet  Department of Industrial Engineering

bullet  Master of Engineering Program in Engineering Management

bullet  Department of Materials Engineering

bullet  Department of Mechanical Engineering

bullet  Department of Water Resource Engineering

bullet  Energy and Environmental Engineering Center

bullet  Energy Engineering Institute

bullet  Fire Protection Engineering Institute

bullet  Geotechnical Engineering Research and Development Center

bullet  Graduate Program in Water Resources Engineering

bullet  Graduate Program in Safety Engineering

bullet  Industrial Automation Training Center

bullet  International Graduate Program in Industrial Engineering

bullet  International Undergraduate Program

bullet  Master of Engineering in Infrastructute Engineerung and Management

bullet  Master of Fire Protection Engineering

bullet  Master of Technology Industrial Production

bullet  Materials Innovation Center

bullet  Research and Development Center of Industrial Production Technology

bullet  Structural Technology for the Built Environment

bullet  Faculty of Fisheries

bullet  Andaman Coastal Research Station for Development

bullet  Department of Fishery Biology

bullet  Faculty of Forestry

bullet  Department of Forest Conservation

bullet  Department of Forest Engineering

bullet  Department of Forest Management

bullet  Department of Forest Products

bullet  Forest Biology

bullet  Forestry Research Center

bullet  Silviculture

bullet  Faculty of Humanities

bullet  Confucius Kasetsart University

bullet  Department of Career Sciences

bullet  Deptartment of Communication Arts and Information Science

bullet  Department of Eastern Language

bullet  Department of Literature

bullet  Department of Music

bullet  Department of Philosophy and Religion

bullet  International Integrated Tourism Management

bullet  Master Program In English for Specific Purposes

bullet  Office of the Secretary

bullet  Special Program Management Center

bullet  Test Center of Foreign Languages

bullet  Faculty of Science

bullet  Department of Applied Radiation and Isotopes

bullet  Department of Applied Radiation and Isotopes

bullet  Department of Biochemistry

bullet  Department of Botany

bullet  Department of Chemistry

bullet  Department of Computer Science

bullet  Department of Computer Science

bullet  Department of Genetics

bullet  Department of Materials Science

bullet  Department of Microbiology

bullet  Department of Physics

bullet  Department of Statistics

bullet  Departmnent of Zoology

bullet  Gamma Irradiation Service and Nuclear Technology Research Center

bullet  Office of the Secretary

bullet  Scientific Equipment Center

bullet  Faculty of Social Sciences

bullet  Bachelor of Arts

bullet  Bachelor of Arts-Political Science

bullet  Bachelor of Laws

bullet  Department of Geography

bullet  Department of History

bullet  Department of Sociology and Anthropology

bullet  Law Department

bullet  Master of Arts in Conflict Management

bullet  Master of Arts Political Science

bullet  Master of Science Program in Community Psychology

bullet  Master of Science Program in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

bullet  Office of the Faculty`s Secretariat

bullet  Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

bullet  Department of Companion Animals Clinical Sciences

bullet  Department of Anatomy

bullet  Department of Clinical Medicine and Animal Wildlife

bullet  Department of Farm Resources and Production Medicine

bullet  Department of Parasitology

bullet  Department of Pharmacology

bullet  Department of Physiology

bullet  Department of Veterinary Public Health

bullet  Kaset Animal Hospital

bullet  Office of the Secretary

bullet  Faculty of Veterinary Technology

bullet  Bachelor of Science Program in Veterinary Nursing

bullet  Institute of Linguistics and Cultural Studies Rajanagarindra

bullet  Offices

bullet  International Studies Center

bullet  Extension and Training Office

bullet  Office of the President

bullet  Office of Public Relations

bullet  Support Education Office

bullet  Office of the University Library

bullet  Quality Assurance


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