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Page updated: 2018-09-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Payap University

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bullet  Payap University

On Superhighway Chiang Mai - Lampang, Mueang Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai.

bullet  Faculties

bullet  Duriyasilp College of Music

bullet  Faculty of Accountancy, Finance and Banking

bullet  Faculty of Business Administration

bullet  Hotel and Tourism Management Department

bullet  Management Department

bullet  Marketing Department

bullet  Master of Business Administration

bullet  Faculty of Communication Arts

bullet  Faculty of Economics

bullet  Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

bullet  Chinese Language and Culture Department

bullet  English Department

bullet  Japanese Language and Culture Department

bullet  Psychology Department

bullet  Sociology and Anthropology Department

bullet  Thai for Communication Department

bullet  Faculty of Law

bullet  McCormick Faculty of Nursing

bullet  Faculty of Pharmacy

bullet  Faculty of Science

bullet  Computer Science Department

bullet  Food Science and Technology Department

bullet  Office Departments

bullet  Division of Academic Affairs

bullet  Archives

bullet  Student Recruitment Center

bullet  Office of the Library

bullet  Registration and Admissions Office

bullet  Division of Administration

bullet  Office of Human Resources

bullet  Office of Information Technology and Education Innovation

bullet  Office of Legal Affairs

bullet  Office of Organization Communications

bullet  Office of Planning and Education Quality Development

bullet  Office of the President

bullet  Division of Internationalization

bullet  Language Enhancement Center

bullet  Division of Property Management

bullet  Office of Management of Buildings, Grounds and Services

bullet  Paradonparp International House

bullet  Division of Spiritual Life

bullet  Office of Spiritual Life

bullet  Division of Student Development

bullet  Dormatory of Payap

bullet  Office of Student Development

bullet  Other agencies

bullet  Alumni Association

bullet  The Rector

bullet  Credit Union Association, Ltd.

bullet  Office of The Board of Trustees

bullet  Office of Internal Audit

bullet  Staff Association

bullet  Research and Academic Services

bullet  Office of Research and Academic Service


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