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Page updated: 2018-09-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Suan Phueng

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bullet   Suan Phueng


bullet  Baan Aom Kod Kun Kao

“BaanAomKodKunKao” is locating on the area about 50 rai that is far from Bangkok around 170 Kms. Accommodation and beverage service providing in the warm and family environment and the feeling of peace and pleasant with the countless mountains scenery around the resort that is along with natural stream, pure air and saturated with several trees and lives in the nature. At here, we provide all facilities, accommodation and the sharing area that are harmonized with the most naturally type of Mediterranean Mixed Bali house (From the bedroom, you can touch the beautiful scenery of mountains, the stream that gently down into the resort area and a very big pond with the imitated natural style of waterfall) pleasant voice of birds singing, frog,cricket and natural small lives along with water running off sound. Every room is provided with full furniture and TV, refrigerator, water heater and a big tub size 1,000 to 3,000 liters up. In each house and each room, you can see the beautiful scenery of mountains, stream, waterfall and brighten sky while you are bathing in the tub.

On 47/2 Moo 2, Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi.

bullet  Baan Suan Hong Hern

On 9/9 Moo 7, Suan Phueng, Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi.

bullet  Bua Wattana Resort

In Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi.

bullet  La Toscana Resort

La Toscana is the place where you will enjoy beautiful scenery of the green mountains, or mountains covered with white fog blanket, and morning mist that comes visit every rainy and winter season. Barbeque party with friends or candle light dinner under starry sky with someone special for memorable time also can be arranged on your courtyard garden or on your private rooftop. Each villa offers you either a classic European style bathtub or big rounded tub either indoor or outdoor for you to set out your own getaway and enjoy yourself with different atmosphere of peaceful Tuscany country style. Watching sunset on the hill of your front yard, be surrounded by cool mist in the morning of spring and winter, the priceless experience for you to share with your love ones at La Toscana.

On 5/1 Moo 3, Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi.

bullet  Nagaya Resort

The Nagaya Resort, one small and humble place located among warm and natural hideaway in Ratchaburi. Fulfilling your dream by excursion from rush and restless life. Take a journey to pour your heart with imagination on the ever dream land and wander your mind along with the warm sunlight and cool mountain breeze. Each of our rooms is specially designed and decorated in it's unique style. Our wish is to welcome everyone with warm and sweet nostalgic memories from childhood, all our furniture and decorative items were finely selected to enhance your aesthetic relaxation and make you feel utmost at home.

On 234/5 Moo 7 (Baan Ta Gula), Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi.

bullet  Panalee Home & Camping

On Moo 7, Suan Phueng, Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi.

bullet  Usawadee Resort

On 24 Moo 3, Suan Phueng, Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi.


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