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Page updated: 2018-09-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap


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bullet   Mae Hi
bullet   Thung Yao
bullet   Wiang Tai


bullet  Belle Villa Resort Pai

Welcome to Belle Villa Resort Pai - Mae Hong Son Hotel Official Website. Finding a second paradise hide-out at Pai, some 3 hours drive from Chiangmai city. The tiny northern town, is fast becoming an artists haunt, a perfect antidode to the bustle of modern Thailand. With its burbling streams, impeccable manicured fields and surrounding mountains, shrouded in early morning mists, this tiny town with lots of activities midway between Chiangmai and Mae Hong Son, is indeed a refreshing place to visit.

On 113 Moo 6, Thanon Huay Poo-Wiang Nua, Wiang Tai, Pai, Mae Hong Son.

bullet  Bura Lumpai Resort

Bura Lumpai is a luxury resort in the alluring valley of Pai, Mae Hong Son Province, offering guests a rejuvenating experience infused with natural harmony and tranquillity. Located just outside the town centre on the peaceful banks of the gentle River Pai, the resort offers breathtaking views across rice paddies towards lush mountains. This idyll is situated within easy walking distance of the f amous Coffee Tea Sapan (once Wawee Coffee) shop, Sapan Pai Restaurant (sapan means bridge) and the historical Japanese Bridge. Bura Lumpai offers 7 deluxe villas for individuals or couples and 1 family villa (with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms), all overlooking a beautiful freshwater fishing lake. For those seeking immersion in nature, Bura Lumpai also provides camping grounds along the banks of the River Pai, offering both luxury equipped sites, or sites where you can bring your own tents. Bura Lumpai believes in the preservation of harmony between man and nature and is dedicated to creating a habitat for north Thailand's indigenous animals. The resort sustains its beautiful environment by planting trees, encouraging bird nesting, and bringing the best elements of nature into the heart of Bura Lumpai's many offerings of accomodation and leisure.

On 91 Moo 10, Thung Yao, Pai, Mae Hong Son.

bullet  Montis Resort

Return to nature and succumb to the authentic northern Thai experience at the Montis Resort. The ultimate retreat where accommodation takes advantage of the breathtaking panoramic mountain range built in harmony with the unspoiled forested backdrop. Give yourself the chance to completely unwind and relax.

On 358 Moo 5, Wiang Tai, Pai, Mae Hong Son.

bullet  Pai Hotspring Spa Resort

Pai Hotspring Spa Resort (ปาย ฮ็อตสปริง สปา รีสอร์ท), an oriental chalet styled resort, sits on the riverbank of Pai, a boutique town in Mae Hong Son province of Northern Thailand, where noise and city chaos are absolutely in absence behind the green hills of Mae Hong Sorn allowing only fresh and pure air from surrounding mountain forests to pass through. This oriental relaxing resort lies in the cuddle of mountains and green forest and uniquely provides mineral hotspring water . Overwhelmed in the most unwinding moment with pure hotspring pools. Pai Hotspring Spa Resort is by far unparalleled hideaway for those in search of tranquility and private gateway amidst the serene nature in Northern Thailand.

On 84-84/1 Moo 2, Mae Hi, Pai, Mae Hong Son.

bullet  Pai Klang Na

On 199 Moo 1, Mae Hi, Pai, Mae Hong Son.

bullet  Pai Lanna Resort

Paiis a small peaceful village in northern Thailand. It is approximately 135 km from Chiang Mai, at the end of a of a twisting roller coaster road through several mountains. Most of the Thais who live around Pai descend from one of the nearby hill-tribe villages such as lisu, shan, karen, haw hmong, muslims from myanmar,yunanese chinese and people live there in harmony and peace. This village welcomes visitors with many unique shops. Pai Lanna is just 600 meters from Pai center. Located on a hill surrounded by nature. You can hear the sound of the wind passing through the leaves in private environment. No matter which season, you can have a peace of mind that you will see misty clouds here all year round. You can sip the hot coffee and enjoy your breakfast among the morning mist and the clouds floating by. In the afternoon you can relax with your favorite activities such as bamboo rafting, cycling, cave walking, elephant riding.

On 169 Moo 1, Mae Hi, Pai, Mae Hong Son.

bullet  Pai River Corner Resort & Restaurant

Pai River Corner Resort & Restaurant sits peacefully between the Pai River and the tradition rural market village of Pai, in a remote mountain valley mid way between Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son in Northern Thailand. Our elegant boutique hotel offers modern accommodation with private balconies, a beautiful swimming pool and peaceful gardens on the banks of the Pai River with fields and mountains beyond

On 94 Moo 3, Wiang Tai, Pai, Mae Hong Son.

bullet  Pai Village Boutique Resort & Farm

The team at Pai Village Boutique Resort & Farm are happy to welcome you to our little piece of paradise. Our focus is ensuring you enjoy your time with us and to also do our part for Pai. All of us love Pai and are dedicated to ensuring it remains as green as possible. You will find that we intentionally do not have television so that all may appreciate the sound of the frogs, birds and other natural creatures. We creater our own compost from kitchen waste and use it to ensure that our many organic fruits and vegetables are chemical free. Beyond we spend a portion of our income to give back to the community in many ways, including building an extension on a local school. We hope you will join us in appreciating all that Pai has to offer and consider us more than just a boutique resort. We hope you consider us your home away from home when in Pai.

On 88 Moo 3, Wiang Tai, Pai, Mae Hong Son.

bullet  PaiCome HideAway Resort

"Relax With Nature" In the heart of Pai, yet another a traditional cultural Heritage Tribes (One of the most ancient tribes) exists "Thai Yai" in the village of "Thai Yai" a shining HideAway invites you to come & communicate with their cloud, falling in love with "Touchy" nature. Or just relax and see a 1000..stars in the sky, that come really near to you to say hello!! Are you ready to go.... Yes that none other than "PAI COME" a hideaway for culture, nature and communicating with Cloud. Located just in the "Village of Thai Yai" PaiCome proudly represent "The True" combination of Natural & Cultural heritage. An amazing Thai Village (more than 1000 years old) are just surrounding around PAICOME to bring a pleasure of physical experiencing of "The True Culture of Thailand" "lifestyle of Tribes", "Farming Village" etc. While situated around 600 meters above then Sea Level, magnifies its view of different real natural creature. So why not "PaiCome" . This time for your precious holidays, heaven of tranquility of the Lush landscape...... PaiCome is ideal for honeymoon trips or escape from it all. Now, it's time to rejuvenate your soul, rewarding yourself, recharging your batteries, and relaxing at PaiCome HideAway Resort.

On 327 Moo 5 Baan Namhoo, Wiang Tai, Pai, Mae Hong Son.

bullet  Pairadise Guesthouse

Our Guesthouse "Pairadise" is a family run concern with a Thai/German partnership. We designed and partially built it ourselves after spending 2 years working in Germany in order to finance our dream. Our bungalows are built with both Thai and Western styles in mind, creating accommodation that is clean and luxurious with special attention paid to "home comforts" such as thick mattresses and fluffy duvets. "Pairadise" is surrounded by stunning views of the mountains and rice fields. In the center of the resort we have a purpose built natural lake which is ideal for a cooling afternoon swim.Our own German Bakery is providing Western breakfast and lunch time baguettes.

In Pai, Mae Hong Son.

bullet  The Quarter

Rest here and quench your thirst for authentic luxury and pure urban charm at The Quarter. Being at the central of Pai – the valley of diversity – The Quarter is well connected to all kinds of facilities and famous attractions. Surrounded by scenic view of the mountains, The Quarter is keen to warm your heart with the local sweet hospitality and give you peaceful privacy. We ensure a warm and friendly stay in marvelous surroundings…

On 245 Moo 1, TRhanon Chaisongkram, Wiang Tai, Pai, Mae Hong Son.


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