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Page updated: 2018-09-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

The Night Bazar

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The street during the daytime

The street during the daytime.

The night market in Hua Hin is very popular, especially with Thai and non-Thai visitors to the city. The night market is exactly what the name says, a market that is held only in the evening.
The market is built in the afternoon from five o'clock, and afterwards, from about ten o'clock it is broken down again. In the morning you see nothing of the market.

The market from above

The market from above.

About 20 years ago the market was just in Thanon Dechanuchit between Thanon Petchkasem and Thanon Song Sa. In the course of the years, the market has grown. A Night Bazaar has been added, and it disappeared again; the entrance was on Thanon Dechanuchit. And the Night Bazaar opened again in 2010. And, in the neighborhood, a couple of covered halls were built, mainly with food, which are also gone. Now, from 2010 and later, the market covers all Thanon Dechanuchit, from Thanon Petchkasem to the railway line, and the alley behind the City Beach hotel. It seems that the market still continues to grow.

The market behind City Beach

The market behind City Beach.

Behind the City Beach hotel and the part between Thanon Petchkasem and Thanon Song Sa mainly clothing, accessories, souvenirs and counterfeit trademark goods, CDs, DVDs and so on are for sale.



Along the area between Thanon Song Sa and the railway are restaurants. Along the road many restaurants are located in the houses as well.

More food

More food.

More merchandise

More merchandise.

It's nice to walk around, to look at the merchandise, and especially to the people. At the beginning of the evening it is very busy, everyone makes a walk on the market before dinner.
If you buy something, nover forget to bargain, it usually works.
And a nice dinner is very well possible; it may not look all very nice, but it comes to food and atmosphere.

What is striking is that in particular the range of souvenirs is quite limited. There are a lot of stalls, but they all have the same items for sale.
And you see more and more sellers who are not of Thai origin, nothing against that of course, but it is noticeable.

We visit the market every time we are in Hua Hin, the last time was in 2015.


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