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Page updated: 2018-09-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Mr. Wit

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Mr Wit

Mr Wit shows fresh fish in front of his restaurant.

Back in the 90s, we often went to eat at Saeng Thai, one of the large seafood restaurants that stands half above the beach.
Mr. Wit was our regular waiter there. Do not ask why, but he came to us year after year when we entered the restaurant, and not only that, he recognized us each time.
Piak, Pia's youngest uncle, often comes to Hua Hin and he also knows Mister Wit.
Maybe Mister White is talking to every guest, but we never noticed that.

For a number of years we have not been at Saeng Thai, there is no a special reason, we just did not go. Therefore we have no longer seen Mister Wit.
But in March 2006, we were having breakfast in front of the hotel, someone started talking to us. It was Mr. White who still recognized us.
He no longer worked at Saeng Thai, but sold fried chicken on the market, together with his two children.

Then it was quiet again about Mister White, until 2010. We walked on the night market, and at one of the restaurants we saw him. He tried to talk to customers into the restaurant.
Of course he talked to us, but we had the idea that he no longer recognized us.

In 2012 we met him again, and now again the recognition. Mister Wit is back to Saeng Thai, not in operation this time, but in the parking lot.
In 2013, he was still in the parking lot. It is not well with him, he has diabetes, and is suffering from wounds that do not heal.

Strange, how you continue to encounter the same persons over and over again.


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