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Page updated: 2018-09-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap


Home - Travel stories - Ayutthaya - Nightlife

Ayuthaya has a really nice night market along the river. Many stalls, lots of food, and pretty busy. The stalls along the water are the most fun to sit, because you can enjoy all the boats on the water.

Opposite the Rodeo Saloon, we found a nice restaurant (not listed in any travel guide). We were walking a bit along the river, actually looking for a restaurant from a travel guide. Nowhere to be found. Then we saw a few tables and chairs on a jetty , and in front, on the shore, a kitchen. We were tired, walked a lot, so we have tried it. First impression was not so good, no fence along the jetty, so be careful. And the menu mentioned only a few dishes. The beer was very cold, and when the first dish arrived it tasted remarkably well. We ordered even more, excellent food! The owner (or the husband of the female owner?) owned a ghetto blaster (and he knew that you can put the volume on such a thing down), and he loved old fashioned Thai music, which fitted in very well to the atmosphere there, half on water. We really enjoyed teh food and the drinks, and we have not fell into the water.

The restaurant at the corner of Thanon Chee Kun and Thanon Naresuan you can also eat well. It is more stylish than on the jetty, and you sit inside. But the food is good, service decent and above all friendly. Worthwhile.


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