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Page updated: 2018-09-20

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The School

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Eating at the school

Eating at the school.

Phranom's school Phranom, that's what matters. That made the visits to Uthumphon Phisai really worthwhile. The school is located in a small village, somewhere between rice fields, a half hour drive over an unpaved road. In the dry season easy to reach, in the rainy season often pushing because the car stuck in the mud. Then you stand barefoot up to your ankles in mud. Luckily the car had front wheel drive, so less mud flies around your head.
Before we went to the school Pia has bought cookies and many oranges on the market. Phranom had told us before our first visit that the children did not have too much to eat. At the school we were welcomed by all teachers, and we were surrounded by lots of small children. For many children Tom was probably the first white they saw alive.

Tom is teaching

Tom is teaching.

Because it was nearly noon a chicken was caught, slaughtered and prepared to larb kai, a tasty and very spicy salad, both for us and for the teachers. The children ate a bowl of rice with salted fish, brought from home, a fish the size of a sardine for two children. When we saw this the larb kai tasted not so good anymore. Fortunately there were cookies and oranges. By poor, unbalanced diet the children at the school were also very small.
After dinner we were given a tour by all classes. Thai children in elementary school are given English lessons, so Tom was allowed to perform as a guest lecturer. The knowledge of most children is not much beyond "What is your name?" and "How old are you?". So do not give difficult answers or ask other questions. A very special experience.
Phranom, together with the other teachers raised money to improve the school. With this money toilets wre built, before that the children just went to the rice fields. And there are placed sinks where children learn to brush their teeth, after every meal the kids are excitingly brushing and splashing.


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