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Page updated: 2018-09-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

The Khlong

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A village

A village.

A khlong is a channel that has been dug for drainage of excess rainwater. In the lower parts of Thailand, especially in and around Bangkok are many such channels.
In Bangkok, they are often filled in to make way for roads, the consequences are not always pleasant for the residents, there is much flooding in the rainy season.

A village

A village.

A khlong is also a kind of road, where many boats sail past, sometimes small wooden rowing boats, sometimes long-tail boats, equipped with extremely powerful and extremely noisy old automobile motors for propulsion.

A fisherman

A fisherman.

Sometimes a fisherman who catches fish in the plants along the khlong is passing by, usually in a boat, but we have also seen someone, who comes along on a surfboard.
And people earn their living on the khlong. Floating kitchens, floating shops, sailing buyers, .....

A quite place along a khlong

A quite place along a khlong.

Along a khlong are often many homes, partly on the shore, partly above the water. This is the case with the old house of Pia's parents.
It's nice to be there, all the bustle on the water means that there is always something to see. And, despite the sometimes noisy engines, it is very relaxing to look at.


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