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Page updated: 2018-09-20

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The Mood

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Aat, a nephew, behind the computer

Aat, a nephew, behind the computer.

The house of Pia's mother is not very comfortable. Everything is available, a televison, a refrigerator, a washing machine, a computer. But no good chairs, you just sit on the ground. And no hot water and no good shower, just a big tub with water and a little pan. Because the house is partly built above the water, there are a lot of mosquitos at sunrise and sundown.
The boats on the water usually make a lot of noise, the neighbours have cocks, that start to crow very early in the morning. Sometimes there are noisy parties, in Wat Soong or with the neigbours. Sometimes the roof is leaking, or there is no water or electricity. Sometimes there is a snake in the toilet annex bathroom.
But nevertheless we don't want to live somewhere else. The atmosphere, the conviviality, you'll find it nowhere else. And those parties, fun, just buy a bottle of whiskey and invite yourself.

Wat Soong, 500 meters on foot, is the local temple. On Bhuddist or National festal days, there are festivities. Tom is the only white person there, and that's great fun. People are very curious, they want to know a lot. With help from Pia and with sign-language Tom usually can answer all the questions. And then, Tom has to take a drink, most of the time local liquor (lao kao), it's a bit like gin.
At these festivities there are hundreds of people, there is music, an open-air cinema, an open-air disco, all at the same time, and very loud. And of course there is plenty of food, sate, noodles, curries, sweets, . . . . .


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