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Page updated: 2018-09-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

The End

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Latkrabang, in any case the location where Pia's mother lived, has changed a lot during 2002. Most of the aunts and uncles, who lived very near, moved, and their houses are demolished. Part of the house of Pia's mother has been torn down, the part that stands above the water is still there. Most trees and plants are gone as well, only bare earth. Very sad!

The reason for al this is actually very simple. Pia's family, grandparents, uncles, aunts, . . . . , settled on that place about 50 years ago, they did not own the property, but the owner agreed. A written agreement never was necessary, and everybody was happy. The owner has passed away, and his children had other plans with their property. They offered the family a rental agreement, for the period of one year, and after each year a new agreement was offered. The family was happy, at last they had an official agreement.
But there was one nasty thing. Thai law offers persons with a rental agreement for the period of two years a lot of protection, if you have to leave, the owner must offer you another good place to live, and has to compensate you for the cost you make to move and rebuild your house. But if you have a rental agreement for the period of one year, you have almost no protection at all.
Most of the family found another good place to live, and those who haven't yet still have enough time to fine such a place, but that makes it not less sad.

Part of the old house is still there. Pia's mother still lives there, together with Pia's brother and one of her grandchildren. But we can't stay there anymore, there is not enough room. So now we have to stay in the house of Nok Ten, one of Pia's sisters, a few kilometers closer to Bangkok.

In april 2006 we heard that people are making threats at Pia's mother. So now she has moved out of the old house and is living with Nok Ten. It makes us sad . . . .


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