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Page updated: 2018-09-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

The Thai Pricing System

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How much you have to pay in Thailand is very fascinating.
If you want to visit a museum, a national park or an exhibition very often you have to pay an entrance fee. Sometimes you have to pay for the car, the parkingplace: roads need maintenance. And very often each person has to pay a fee, Thai people 10 Bath or nothing, foreigners 200 Bath.
The amount you have to be can be influenced, if the person selling the tickets does not know if you are Thai or not, you have the pay the Thai price. And if you, a foreigner, is accompanied by a whole Thai family, you very often pay the Thai price. But if you, a foreigner, live in Thailand, pay your taxes, you very often have to pay the price for foreigners. Some people don't like this, we don't mind.

If you want to use a public toilet, there are very often two prices, Thai people 1 Bath, foreigners 2 Bath. This we don't understand.

And of course there are the shops and the restaurants. We noticed different prices at bus terminals and other places that foreign people visit. Tom wanted to buy a bottle of beer, he heard the staff talk about farang (foreigner) and he had to pay 50 Bath. A lot of money for a small bottle of Singha (not even cold), so no beer. A few minutes later Pia went to the same shop, and she had to pay only 30 Bath for the same bottle of beer. She asked for an explanation: Thai people pay 30 Bath, f oreigners accompanied by Thai people pay the same, stray foreigners pay 50 Bath and Japanese people pay 80 Bath.
In restaurants and hotels it can be the opposite: Thai people in the company of foreigners have to pay the foreign price.


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