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Page updated: 2018-09-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Traditional Thai massage

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Pia and Mrs. Lamduan Kurpunngern

Pia and Mrs. Lamduan Kurpunngern.

One of the main reasons for us to go to Lampang is traditional Thai massage. The Lonely Planet, yes we use it, mentions the Samakorn Samunphrai Phaak Neua (Northern Herbal Medicin Society).
It's rather difficult to find. Only after a few taxi's and a lot of asking we found the place. Not a fancy place, an ordinary Thai house, with in the back, outside, a few beds and a sauna. We even wondered if this was the right place and if should go back to our hotel. But it was the right place. We went in, stayed, and were very happy after the massage.

Thee Massage school

Thee Massage school.

The institute is managed by a 62-year old lady, Mrs. Lamduan Kurpunngern, and she is assisted by a number of part-time employees.
Before a massage, it's wise to go to the herbal sauna. It may seem terrible with the temperature in Thailand, but it's very relaxing. Once you have paid, you can use the sauna as long as you like, and you can go outside to cool down as often as you want. We had a two-hour massage, painfull sometimes, but afterwards it was like we were walking on air.
Because we ourselves followed tradional Thai massage courses, Mrs Lamduan gave us a lot of information, and extra massage, more than 2 hours. Normally a massage is 1 to 1,5 hour.
Mrs. Lamduan, who is very friendly and who doesn't speak English, had a few accidents and afterwards couldn't hardly walk anymore. Traditional massage made her walk again, and she started to study traditional massage in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.
This is certainly a place to visit, ask the taxi-driver to Wat Hua Khuang, the massage institute is next to this temple.
And if you found rates for massage in the Lonely Planet or somewhere else, the rates mentioned there may be outdated Even in Thailand everything gets more expensive.

Our last visit was in 2001.


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