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Page updated: 2018-09-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap


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Tourism is good for Thailand, at least from a financial viewpoint. And many tourists are interested in the country.
There are also tourists who are absolutely not interested in the culture and habits of the country. The want sun, sea and beach, and sometimes they behave very rude (by accident or on purpose). A few examples:
- in a bathing suite in a public bus
- going to a temple in shorts
- wearing dirty, unwashed clothing
- don’t take a shower at least two times a day
- don’t want to eat, not even try, Thai food.
And people who see Thailand only as a cheap brothel, in Pattaya, Patpong and so on, disgusting.


When we write about a place, we write about what we saw and did there, and what we think about it; no more and no less.
This is not a travelguide (we are not complete), and it is neither an advice to visit or not to visit a place. Other sites can give you that information.
Our opinion about a hotel or restaurant is not ment to be a (positive or negative) review, you can find that information on other sites.
It is our description of a situation on a certain moment, influenced by our mood.