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Page updated: 2018-09-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

The Weather

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The weather in Thailand is always nice, and that is certainly true is you compare it with the weather in the Netherlands.

Thai people will not agree with this statement.

Sometimes the temperature drops below 20 degrees, and people in Thailand think that is very, very cold. In the north, in the mountains, it can even freeze a little bit.
And that is very cold if you are used to the warm weather, and you live in a house with thin walls, and you have no warm water in the bathroom.
But during the day the temperature will rise.

It can be very warm in Thailand, and very moist. And then Thai people are just like Dutch people, they start to grumble about the weather, it is so hot.
The weather is never what it should be.

And sometimes it rains, very very hard. Because of that rain there are a lot of plants in Thailand.
An it is very refreshing. A shower will last for half an hour, maybe an hour, no longer.

For most visitors the climate in Thailand is very pleasant.
It’s strange, Thai people living abroad like the weather abroad, they like the changing of the seasons.


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