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Page updated: 2018-09-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Dined at Yok Pol Noodles

Home - Travel stories - Bangkok - Dined at Yok Pol Noodles

Thanon Latkrabang, Latkrabang, Bangkok, www.yokpolnoodle.com. At the end of the taxiway of the airport.

The restaurant

The restaurant.

This is a big, busy noodle restaurant, which is part of a chain. In the parking lot are many cars, cheap ones, but also very expensive ones. That says something about the quality of the food. The restaurant is open all day, but only during lunch time it is busy.

Here you can eat noodle soup. Noodle soup with beef, pork, meat balls, thick noodles, thin noodles ..... You get the noodles in a dark, spicy soup, you have to flavor it yourself.

The noodle soup tastes good, very good. Some people do not have enough of one plate, they order three, or four or more plates.

Operation is, by the hustle and bustle, rather impersonal, and there is not so many staff. They speak only Thai.
You must write your order on a piece of paper and give it to someone, you just have to know because it is stated nowhere.
Asking for the bill might take a while, because there are few staff running around.

The restaurant is quite large, 30 to 40 tables, with stools. Not very nice, but fine for a quick lunch.

The fish pond

The fish pond.

The kitchen

The kitchen.

At the back you look out over a large fishpond.
The kitchen, next to the entrance, is partly open. It does not look nice, but the food is good and clean.

For a bowl of soup, you pay 30 Thb, not expensive.

We come here since February 2010. We have been there in February 2016 for the last time.


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