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Page updated: 2018-09-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Phra Ruang thermal spring

Home - Travel stories - Kamphaeng Phet - Phra Ruang thermal spring

Just outside Kamphaeng Phet is a hot water spring. It may sound strange, but it is nice to soak in a hot spring, even if it is very warm outside. That's the reason we went there.

The way to the source is well signposted. Even if you are on the highway you will see signs. We expected actually a hilly area, but the source is located in a flat terrain. The last part you have to follow narrow, relatively poor roads.

Thai holidaymakers

Thai holidaymakers.

In front of the entrance is a parking lot, where you can have a massage and what where fruit is sold. If you go inside you come to a well maintained avenue, with lots of flowers. The whole area looks well maintained and colorful. There is a large pond with fountains and pedalos. There are bungalows for rent.
The site is designed for Thai families, who want to spend a weekend. We have not seen any restaurants.
Later we saw a restaurant just outside the park.

The bath

The bath.

The bathhouse

The bathhouse.

After 5 minutes walk we came to a building, where you can rent towels and a bathhouse. A bathhouse is a building with in the center a large round bathtub, where you can sit at least 5 people. There is also a shower with cold water and a fan. You can adjust the temperature of the water yourself.
Like the rest of the site the bathhouses are also neat.

If you have paid for a bathhouse you can use it as long as you want. It is recommended to get in the hot water three times for up to 10 minutes interspersed with a cold shower, but you do not not have to follow that advice. We ensure that we have enough drinking water, when you get out of the hot water you are sweating a lot, and teh lost moisture should be supplemented.

After a hot bath is a Thai massage is pleasant. The first time, in 2011, we had to drive to Bangkok, so we did not have time for a massage.
During our second visit, in 2012, we did have a massage. And the ladies did their job very well.


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