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Page updated: 2018-09-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Doi Tung

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Flowers and bamboo

Flowers and bamboo.

Doi Tung is a 1389 meter high mountain north of Chiang Rai, close to the Burmeese border..
We went there because there should be beautiful gardens on top of the mountain.
And, of cource, because of the Doi Tung coffee.

Flowers and ponds

Flowers and ponds.

Near the top of the mountain is the mansion where the mother of king Bhumibol has lived. Around this mansion, an closer to the top, there are two beautiful designed gardens. Products of the Mae Fah Luang Foundation, like Doi Tung coffee, are for sale in a shop near the mansion. At a small market members of the hill tribes can sell their products.

More flowers

More flowers.

Coming from Chiang Rai you follow the highway to the north, the turning for Doi Tung is easy to find.
As some as you approacht the mountain, the read gets narrow, winding and sometimes very steep. Drive very careful, specially when you go downwards.
Once you are nearing the mansion, the road widens. Enough parking place is available.

We did not take a look at the mansion because it was under renovation.
But we did enjoy the garden, which is located on the slope of the mountain, next to the parking place. The garden is very attractive and clourful, and next to the entrance is a coffeeshop with a nice view over the garden.
Once inside, we noticed the garden was very well maintained, there were a lot of flowers, also many species we hav in the Netherlands as well. The garden is very varying, that makes it very attractive.

And more flowers

And more flowers.

In the center of the garden is a coffee shop, were we had a good cup of coffee.
We enjoyed visiting this garden.

A terrace

A terrace.

We even went further tot the top of the mountain to visit the botanical garden. The road is very steep, so be careful.

View on Myanmar

View on Myanmar.

This garden is less spectecular, maybe because there are less flowers. This garden is also very well maintained, and there are some nice viewpoints. The people working in the garden like to talk to the visitors, and they can give you information about the special plants in the garden. Even though this garden was less spectacular, it is definitively worth a visit..


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