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Page updated: 2018-09-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Dined at Khai Yang Khorat Restaurant

Home - Travel stories - Bangkok - Dined at Khai Yang Khorat Restaurant

Thanon Latkrabang, Latkrabang, Bangkok.

The sign

The sign.

This restaurant is in line with of a taxiway of the new Suvarnabhumi Bangkok International Airport, between an elevated highway and the increased Airport Link. There is no sign with Roman letters. Although located close to the airport, you hear almost nothing.

Much food

Much food.

The name of the restaurant means grilled chicken from Khorat, a city in the north-east of Thailand, and therfor on the menu are mainly dishes from northeastern Thailand, khai yang, larb, took tok, nor mai soup, grilled fish in a salt crust, ..... And som tam of course. And that food tastes good, so good that we eat here regularly with the family. Most portions are small, even if you are alone you can order a few dishes order and eat everything. You can have a very varied meal. And do you still have some left, you let it pack and take it home.

The restaurant

The restaurant.

The restaurant looks nice, not so long ago it has been properly refurbished, and the owner seems to have more plans. There is a large part where you can sit outside, most guests sit there, and a smaller indoor area. In the covered area is a stage, and in the evening there is usually live music. The kitchen is located between the road and the restaurant, you can easily follow what is happening in that kitchen.

The stage

The stage.

The kitchen

The kitchen.

There is a lot of staff, common in Thai restaurants, but do not count on that they speak English. The menu is only in Thai. We expect that this will change, more and more foreigners live nearby or stay in a hotel. The staff is friendly, occasionally something goes wrong, but that will be resolved without any problems.

Very cozy

Very cozy.

In Thailand it is quite common that you bring your own wine or whiskey, so here it is also no problem. You cab even bring your own food, as long as you order enough of the restaurant itself.

The prices are low, that will probably change. With two people, you spent maybe 200 Thb on food, this is without drinks. One of our visits with the family, at least 20 people has cost 2000 Thb, including a few bottles of beer.

We come here for several years, every time we are in Thailand we eat here a few times. Our last visit was in February 2015.


There are build a few (open houses), where you can eat cozily.
And the outdoor kitchen has disappeared, it has given way for a few extra tables.
There was also something with the beer, Singha was now in 500 ml bottles instead of 630 ml, but the price was the same. alfway through the meal, there was only Leo, Singha was sold out.
The menu is partially translated into English, but it is not very understandable.


The toilets are remodelled. Still very simple and focused mainly on Thai guests. But it is a big improvement.
And the stage is moved. More people can look at the singers this way.
The food has become less tasty. We have the impression that grilled dishes like kay yang and fish grilled in a salt crust, are prepared earlier in the day, and later warmed up. The result is very dry, rather tasteless meat.


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