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Page updated: 2018-09-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Drinking at Uncle John

Home - Travel stories - Chiang Rai - Drinking at Uncle John

In a street next to the Wangcome Hotel.

We were staying in the Wangcome Hotel in February 2010. From our romm we saw Uncle John's. It looked like a bar or a restaurant, surrounded by massage parlours.
A few people were sitting on the terrace, and there were no girls, only an older female Tahi waitress.

In the evening, after dinner on the Night Bazar we were strolling in the streets around the hotel. A few streets, a lot of bars with loud music, large tv-screens and a lot of signs offering breakfast. And massage parlours, many massage parlours. Not our pice of cake.

Coincidentally we were walking past Uncle John's. A few people were sitting inside, the music was nice and not so loud.
So we decided to have a drink.

We entered into conversation with a man, about 40 or 50 years, and we did not know where he came from. He looked like a Thai, his spoke English like a native, but hits Thai was not good..
This was Uncle John, the owner of the bar, a Thai, who grew up in England, and who returned to Thailand about 5 years ago. He was a kind, quiet person. Apparently he must have some income from England, because there we not much clients in his bar, and he told us he was ripped off regularly.
The waitress was his wife, or girl friend. He wasn't ripped off so much since he knew here, because she knew how things work in Thailand.

We returned to Uncle John's the next day. And we saw an other aspect of Uncle John: he was helping foreigners who got into some kind of trouble with advice (and assistance?). We got the impression the main couse of trouble were women.

In 2011 we were staying in the Wangcome Hotel again. Uncle John was gone.
A pity.
We walked in the streets around the hotel to look for Uncle John, but we could not find him. And we asked the parking-lot attendant, but he knew nothing..

A pity, because it was nice to sit and talk and drink at Uncle John's.


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