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Page updated: 2018-09-20

Sawadee kha, Sawadee khrap

Chiang Dao caves

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The temple near the entrance

The temple near the entrance.

This cave complex is located about 70 kilometers north of Chiang Mai in the subdistrict with the same name. To get there, drive to the town of Chiang Dao, and than follow the signs. It is easy to get there.



In front of the entrace is a temple and a few shops and restaurants. When we visited the cave there was enough parking place. But we guess it's crowded during weekend.

In the cave

In the cave.

The entrance to the cave is on a steep slope, fortunately not very high. The slope is grown over with trees and plants. To get to the entrance, just climb the colorfull, roofed over stairway. The surrounding looks very attractive.

The girl

The girl.

At the entrance we hired a guide, who took care of a few gaslights. We don't know if you can enter the cave without a guide. A girl with a camera also accompanied us.
In a small past of the cave are lamps, you can walk there without any gaslight. The lamps have a disadvantage, plants are starting to grow inside the cave.

In the cave

In the cave.

Once you're inside, the guide showed us two large rooms with some very narrow passages. From the first to the second room, you have to walk dona a narrow steep stairway, this takes time, specially when there are a lot of people.
The guide showed us a lot of stalactites and stalagmites, he told us a lot, in Thai only. The girl with the camere made a few pictures of us, and suddenly she just disappeared. The guide told a lot, but when we asked him how deep the complex was, he could not or would not give an answer. So we don't know if the whole comples has been explored.

In the cave

In the cave.

When we were almost back to the entrance the guide told us there was a third room. People were not allowed in, because you needed an oxygen mask, and becaus this room was frequently filled up with water.

In the cave

In the cave.

We enjoyed our visit to this cave, impressive.
But when there are a lot of people inside, we think it's very cramped.

The entrance

The entrance.

Back on the parking place, the girl with the camera showed up again, and asked us to buy some pictures. We bought a few, but our own pictures are fo a better quality. In case you don't have a high quality camera, it's worth buying these pictures.


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